Our Story

Incorporated in 1978, the Flagler Playhouse has served the county well while rehearsing in living rooms, garages, senior centers, and any other place that we could find! We built our own portable stages or managed to get onto a “school” stage the week of production. Some of these early stage folks were: Lorna Abjornson, Jerry and Betty Codrington, Olive Harkins, Carmine Izzilo, Gloria Jelinek Lydon, and Phyllis Rotunno. The first name chosen was The Little Players of Palm Coast; later changed to The Little Theater of Palm Coast; and now, the Flagler Playhouse. Our early founders carried the Playhouse through the early decades presenting quality theatrical productions to the ever-growing population. An occasional “home” (the old post office) allowed the audience to grow and acknowledge the Playhouse as a “permanent” fixture in the community. It took twenty years for the dream of a permanent home to become a real possibility. In 1998, five acres were purchased on Old Kings Road North in Palm Coast. Architectural drawings, site maps, all the preparations for a building commenced only to discover that the cost of raising the level of the land was prohibitive and so the dream dissolved! Even with this great disappointment, the Playhouse continued to produce plays for the enjoyment of the citizens of Palm Coast and all of Flagler County.

In 2005, the theatre board decided that the only way to survive and thrive was to establish full, dependable seasons of plays and to locate a permanent home. A name change to the Flagler Playhouse and a concerted effort to produce a substantial number of quality shows re-established the theatre as a staple for the arts in Flagler County. With the sale of the five acres on Old Kings and the purchase of the former First Baptist Church building in Bunnell, we had a home in the heart of the county. Thanks to a generous grant from the Tourist Development Council of Flagler County, we have been able to transform the old church into a fine theatrical venue.

As a non-profit 501(C)3 organization, Flagler Playhouse is dedicated to enriching and entertaining the community through “live” theatre. We are actively seeking other “arts” organizations to join us in making our “block” a cultural hub for the county. Our more than three decades of service are well-documented in the newspapers and magazines in the area. Mayors, county commissioners, congressional representatives, and numerous residents sing our praises. The generous support and involvement of our community ensures our continued success.

In addition to our spectacular performances, we are seeking to expand our educational component through workshops, readings, improvisational theatre, and children’s theatre. We work closely with the Flagler County Schools.

In our new home, we present the community with a full season of at least 5 productions. Our additional offerings provide countless opportunities for community involvement. Come join us at the “Crossroads of the County”.