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Flagler Playhouse is pleased to announce AUDITIONS for the hilarious musical comedy “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” directed by Larry Williams with choreography by Terri Williams.

Audition dates are Sunday, February 17, 2019 at 6:30 pm and Monday, February 18, 2019 at 6:30 pm..

  • Auditions are at the Flagler Playhouse at 301 E. Moody Blvd. Bunnell, FL 32110.
    For more information contact Larry Williams at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Production dates are:   April 26 - May 12, 2019


Singing Audition– Songs from the production or in the style of the production are suggested, approximately 32 measures are encouraged. Bring your own accompaniment. Bring music via CDs iPhones or Androids. Please, ONLY karaoke or instrumental tracks. We cannot hear you sing over someone else’s voice. Acapella auditions are acceptable, but not recommended.
Reading – You may be asked to read from the script individually or in small groups. Practice your Texan Accent (Southern Accent with a twist)
Dancing Audition
movement, choreography. Wear comfortable clothing that you can move and dance in. There will be several dance numbers in this production, including tap. If you are interested in dancing only, you will not be required to audition, but you will need to come sign up at auditions.

This is a large production that will require a large dedicated cast. It will be a lot of work, and a lot of fun! There’s a place for everyone.

Due to the adult nature of this production, no one under the age of 17 will be allowed to participate.  Additionally, there are no children’s roles in this production.  If under 18, a parent/guardian must attend the audition and must sign a permission form before the young person will be allowed to audition.


This happy go lucky view of small town vice and statewide political side-stepping recounts the good times and the demise of the Chicken Ranch, known since the 1850s as one of the better pleasure palaces in all of Texas. Governors, senators, mayors, and even victorious college football teams frequent Miss Mona's cozy bordello until that puritan nemesis Watchdog focuses his television cameras and his righteous indignation on the institution.

It is the late 1970s, and a brothel has been operating outside of fictional Gilbert, Texas, for more than a century. It is under the proprietorship of Miss Mona Stangley, who is on good terms with the local sheriff, Ed Earl Dodd. When crusading television reporter, Melvin P. Thorpe, decides to make the illegal activity an issue, political ramifications cause the place to be closed down.

Based on a story by Larry L. King that was inspired by the real-life Chicken Ranch in La Grange, Texas.

Cast breakdown: 14 men, 14 women, ages 17 and up. (Several actors play multiple roles)

• The following Roles are open for casting.
• Where gender, race, ethnicity, age and/or body type are indicated, it is a requirement of the characterization. (Age represents the age the character is to be played, not necessarily the age of the performer.)
• Where an asterisk appears beside a character’s name (*), this is an indication that the performer will also be a member of the ensemble with additional speaking/singing roles.


Miss  Mona  Stangley  (Age:  36‐40)   Owner  and  operator  of  “The  Chicken  Ranch.”  No-­‐nonsense,  but  also  very  warm,   motherly,  energetic  and  personable.     Songs:  “A  Lil’  Ole  Bitty  Pissant  Country  Place,”  “Girl  You’re  a  Woman,”  “No  Lies,”  “Bus  From  Amarillo”    

 Jewel  Mosley  (Age:  50‐55)   African  American  maid  and  cook  at  The  Chicken  Ranch  for  more  than  twenty-­‐five   years.  She  is  a  true  golden  girl  –  sassy,  sexy  and  self-­‐assured.     Songs:  “Girl  You’re  a  Woman,”  “Twenty-­four  Hours  of  Lovin’,”  “No  Lies”

 Doatsey  Mae  Grimes  (Age:  40‐45)   Waitress  at  the  Texas  Twinkle  Café.  She’s  a  trusting,  reliable  ear,  treated  by  the  men   of  the  town  more  like  a  man  than  a  woman.     Songs:  “Doatsey  Mae”  

 Imogene  Charlene  Greene*  (Age:  2022)   Texas  A&M  university  student,  double-­majoring  in  Home  Economics  and  Religion.   She’s  a  big-­haired  pageant  girl  and  cheerleader.  Energetic,  but  not  very  bright.   Songs:  “The  Angelette  March”

 “Angel”  –  aka,  Nancy  Jean  Drury  (Age:  2124)   Former  teen  mom  who  left  home  after  giving  birth  to  her  son  Billy,  now  six  years   old,  when  her  father  beat  her  up.  She’s  tough,  scrappy  and  street-­smart.     Songs:  “Girl  You’re  a  Woman,”  “Twenty-­Four  Hours  of  Lovin’,”  “No  Lies,”  “Hard  Candy  Christmas”  

“Shy”  –  aka,  Annamerle  Seltzer  (Age:  1718)  Country,  farm  girl;  young,  fresh-­faced,  sheltered  and  gawky.  Naïve  and  shy,  but   headstrong  and  capable.   Songs:  “Girl  You’re  a  Woman,”  “Twenty-­Four  Hours  of  Lovin’,”  “No  Lies,”  “Hard  Candy  Christmas”  

 “Linda  Lou”  (Age:  2934)   Has  a  “been  there,  done  that”  attitude,  sarcastic  and  mouthy.  The  inappropriate   clown  of  the  group.   Songs:  “A  Lil’  Ole  Bitty  Pissant  Country  Place,”  “Girl  You’re  a  Woman,”  “Twenty-­Four  Hours  of  Lovin’,”  “No  Lies,”  “Hard  Candy  Christmas”  

 “Ginger”  (Age:  2628)   Divorcee;  nice,  welcoming  and  the  most  well-­adjusted  of  the  “girls.”  Redhead.     Songs:  “A  Lil’  Ole  Bitty  Pissant  Country  Place,”  “Girl  You’re  a  Woman,”  “Twenty-­Four  

Hours  of  Lovin’,”  “No  Lies,”  “Hard  Candy  Christmas”  

 “Dawn”  (Age:  2225)   A  “Rose  Nylund”  type:  innocent,  positive,  peppy  down-­home  girl-­next-­door.   Songs:  “A  Lil’  Ole  Bitty  Pissant  Country  Place,”  “Girl  You’re  a  Woman,”  “Twenty-­Four  Hours  of  Lovin’,”  “No  Lies,”  “Hard  Candy  Christmas”  

   “Ruby  Rae”  (Age:  2529)   Homely  and  dim-­witted.  Tries  everything  she  can  think  of  to  improve  her  stock  at   the  ranch,  but  always  seems  to  be  the  last  chosen.  Not  at  all  negative  about  it,   though.   Songs:  “A  Lil’  Ole  Bitty  Pissant  Country  Place,”  “Girl  You’re  a  Woman,”  “Twenty-­Four  

Hours  of  Lovin’,”  “No  Lies,”  “Hard  Candy  Christmas”  

 “Eloise”  *  (Age:  2529)   A  native  New  Yorker,  named  by  Mona  after  the  precocious  and  dramatic  six-­year  old   character  in  some  of  her  favorite  children’s  books.     Songs:  “A  Lil’  Ole  Bitty  Pissant  Country  Place,”  “Girl  You’re  a  Woman,”  “Twenty-­Four  Hours  of  Lovin’,”  “No  Lies,”  “Hard  Candy  Christmas”  

 “Beatrice”  *  (Age:  3034)   The  tallest  and  leanest  of  the  “girls”;  royal,  regal,  prim  and  proper.     Songs:  “A  Lil’  Ole  Bitty  Pissant  Country  Place,”  “Girl  You’re  a  Woman,”  “Twenty-­Four  

Hours  of  Lovin’,”  “No  Lies,”  “Hard  Candy  Christmas”

 “Taddy  Jo”  *  (Age:  2227)   Athletic  and  bird-­like,  she’s  the  tomboy  of  the  group.  Speaks  softly  and  quickly.   Songs:  “A  Lil’  Ole  Bitty  Pissant  Country  Place,”  “Girl  You’re  a  Woman,”  “Twenty-­Four  Hours  of  Lovin’,”  “No  Lies,”  “Hard  Candy  Christmas”  

“Durla”  *  (Age:  1921)  Economical,  chameleon-­like  and  not  prone  to  socializing.  Known  for  turning  around   clients  the  quickest.     Songs:  “A  Lil’  Ole  Bitty  Pissant  Country  Place,”  “Girl  You’re  a  Woman,”  “Twenty-­Four  Hours  of  Lovin’,”  “No  Lies,”  “Hard  Candy  Christmas”  

• Where  an  asterisk  appears  beside  a  character’s  name  (*),  this  is  an  indication   that  the  performer  will  also  be  a  member  of  the  ensemble  with  additional  speaking/singing  roles.  


 “Bandleader”  –  aka,  John  Fitzgerald  Stangley  (Age:  40)   A  good  old  boy,  full  of  charm  and  good  feeling.  He  is  the  narrator  of  the  story.     Songs:  “Prologue,”  “20  Fans”  

 Sheriff  Ed  Earl  Dodd  (Age:  4348)   Sheriff  of  La  Grange,  Texas.  He’s  a  down-­home,  cowboy  type,  lovingly  curmudgeonly   more  than  a  little  rough  around  the  edges.  He’s  a  “live  and  let  live”  type,  though,   surprisingly  liberal  in  his  thinking  and  his  language.   Songs:  “Good  Old  Girl”

 Melvin  P.  Thorpe  (Age:  5055)   Television  personality  and  part-­time  revivalist  preacher  –  more  huckster  than  holy.   If  Rush  Limbaugh  and  Marcus  Bachmann  created  a  child,  it  would  be  Melvin.  He’s   brash,  bigger  than  life  and  a  complete  blowhard.  Obsessed  by  sanctity  and  morality   in  overcompensation  for  a  rather  effeminate  manner.   Songs:  “Watch  Dog  Theme,”  “Texas  Has  a  Whorehouse  In  It,”  “The  Sidestep”  

 Governor  Briscoe  *  (Age:  5055)   A  former  rancher  and  businessman  from  Uvalde,  TX;  now  a  first-­term  Governor  in   his  first  year  in  office.  He’s  the  quintessential  politician:  Saying  a  lot  of  nothing.   Amiable  and  full  of  charm,  he’s  dumb  about  everything  but  politics.     Songs:  “The  Sidestep”  

 Edsel  Mackey  (Age:  2835)   A  big  city  Houston  boy  who  landed  his  first  newspaper  job  out  of  high  school  with   the  town  paper:  The  Gilbert  Gospel.  He’s  now  Editor  in  Chief  and  is,  without   question,  the  smartest  man  in  town.  Witty,  dry  and  shrewd.  Think  a  young  MSNBC   talking  head.   Songs:  “Texas  Has  a  Whorehouse  In  It”  

 Mayor  Rufus  Poindexter  (Age:  4550)   Local  automobile  dealer  and  youngest  son  of  the  town’s  richest  and  most  well-­ known  family.  Like  George  W.  Bush,  he  was  the  son  least  expected  to  succeed  –  but   now  he’s  the  only  one  in  town,  running  the  dealership  and  the  town.  He  doesn’t  like,   and  is  overwhelmed  by,  his  job  and  he’s  not  shy  about  everyone  knowing  it.     Songs:  “Texas  Has  a  Whorehouse  In  It”  

C.J.  Scruggs  (Age:  4045)  A  good,  deeply  religious  insurance  salesman.  In  contrast  to  his  personality,  he’s  the   loudest,  worst  dresser  in  town.     Songs:  “Texas  Has  a  Whorehouse  In  It”  

 Senator  J.T.  Wingwoah  (Age:  46)   Young,  short,  Napoleonic  good  ole  boy  with  the  personality  of  Cowboys’  owner  Jerry   Jones.     Songs:  “The  Sidestep”  

 “Aggie  1”  –  aka,  Shane  Miller  *  (Age:  1921)   Quarterback  of  the  Texas  A&M  Aggies.  An  alpha-­male,  full  of  bravado  and  teeming   with  star  power.  Knows  how  to  pour  on  the  charm  and  used  to  getting  what  he   wants.     Songs:  “The  Aggie  Song,”  “Good  Old  Girl”  

 “Aggie  2”  –  aka,  Lonnie  Johnson  *  (Age:  1921)   Star  running-­back  of  the  Texas  A&M  Aggies.  Sensitive  to  having  a  “girl’s  name,”  and   always  trying  to  prove  his  masculinity  as  a  result.     Songs:  “The  Aggie  Song,”  “Good  Old  Girl”  

 “Aggie  3”  –  Eugene  Williams  *  (Age:  1820)   Freshman  benchwarmer  for  the  Texas  A&M  Aggies.  Scrawny  and  small,  but  full  of   enthusiasm  and  energy.     Songs:  “The  Aggie  Song,”  “Good  Old  Girl”  

 “Aggie  4”  –  Clifford  Becker  *  (Age:  2125)   Third-­year  senior  at  Texas  A&M  and  defensive  end  for  the  Aggies.  Dumb  as  a  box  of   rocks.  Loud  and  big.     Songs:  “The  Aggie  Song,”  “Good  Old  Girl”  

 “Scandinavian  Place  Kicker”  –  Alvar  Askelson  *  (Age:  2125)   International  recruit  and  place  kicker  for  the  Texas  A&M  Aggies.  Has  male-­model   looks,  and  a  sweet,  confused  disposition.  Speaks  with  a  very  thick  Scandinavian   accent.     Songs:  “The  Aggie  Song,”  “Good  Old  Girl”  

• Where  an  asterisk  appears  beside  a  character’s  name  (*),  this  is  an  indication   that  the  performer  will  also  be  a  member  of  the  ensemble  with  additional  speaking/singing  roles.  

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