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Handicapped Information

Handicapped Parking:

There are several handicapped spots in our east parking lot with access to the ramp at the front entrance. However, if you are in a wheel chair or walker and your tickets are in the front of the theatre it may be more convenient to park in the handicapped spaces on S. Pine Street where there are sidewalks and parallel parking on both sides of street. Easy entry can be made through the emergency exit on the west side of our building. Please discuss these options with our Box Office staff so someone can assist you upon entering. This side entrance is also the perfect spot for busses with large numbers of patrons with disabilities to enter.



Policy for Patrons with Disabilities:

Front row tickets are available for patrons in wheelchairs. However, please note that this can be a somewhat restricted view depending on the show, as it is on the side against the wall. As a courtesy, patrons in wheelchairs are permitted to purchase one additional ticket for their companion to be seated with them in the front. Wheelchair and companion seats are sold on a first-come, first-served basis through the theatre box office only. Please be sure to inform the Box Office representative of your seating needs when purchasing tickets.


Wheelchair Accessible Restroom:

The Playhouse is equipped with 3 wheelchair accessible restrooms - one in each restroom off the lobby, and one off the lounge in the back of the theatre. There are no steps to reach any of these restrooms.


Policy on Guide Dogs and Service Animals:

Although animals are not permitted in the theatre, an exception is made for guide dogs only. Please inform the box office if any accommodations are required.


Sound Enhancement:

Headsets for sound augmentation are not currently available at the theatre. This item is on our fundraising wish list.


Arrive On Time

PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 15 MINS. BEFORE SHOWTIME. Lateness affects the comfort of all patrons and well as the continuity of the performance. Generally speaking, if patrons holding tickets for the front rows or center seats in any row, arrive late, they may not be able to access those seats until intermission. We will attempt to seat late arriving patrons in the back rows of the theater if seats are available


Group Tickets

Arrangements for groups of ten or more can be made by calling 386-586-0773, or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Procedures and terms will be explained upon contact. All group tickets must be purchased at one time with one payment. Group tickets may be held for up to two weeks until full payment is received, depending upon current demand, or the tickets will automatically be placed back in the system. All group ticket holds are ultimately at the discretion of the Playhouse. Patrons purchasing tickets for a group of 10 or more should distribute tickets and collect payment prior to entering the theater. This will ensure that all group members are accounted for and can be seated upon arrival, in a timely manner. No one will be seated without an individual ticket.


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